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Lindsey Hoskins

Lindsey M. Hoskins is the type of therapist in Bethesda, MD who cares for each client seriously, but knows that sometimes there are moments when a laugh can be healing too. Her clients are quick to learn that Lindsey has a warm presence, who’s genuine empathy is contagious. She is not only emotionally supportive, but has the background needed to provide therapy that truly makes a difference in the lives of her clients.

Lindsey is particularly passionate about working with couples of all kinds. In fact, many of her clients are couples in committed relationships who are striving to get through a difficult time. Issues she commonly helps couples work through include:


  • Infidelity
  • Communication breakdown
  • Loss of passion
  • Disagreements over parenting

Lindsey finds great reward working with families too, helping them address issues like identifying/utilizing boundaries in child-parent relationships, school performance, communication, behavioral concerns, and so much more. Her training in family therapy makes her a therapist that is well-attuned to the needs of romantic and familial dynamics. She has extensive experience working with women who have heredity ovarian/breast cancer and BRCA mutations. Her clients often come to her when they are dealing with a difficult decision, such as whether to start a family with a hereditary disease risk, or when navigating the delicate process of talking about these genetic risks with loved ones.

If you are looking for someone who has the balance of knowledge, experience, and compassion, then Lindsey M. Hoskins, Ph.D may be the therapist match for you. She can be reached at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates in Maryland.