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Michael Brusca

Michael Brusca from Davis & Brusca Trial Lawyers serves on the Executive Board of the national Nursing Home Litigation Group for the American Association for Justice and is dedicated to helping the vulnerable elderly population and their loved ones. He has been practicing in this field since 2009 and has experienced losing a loved one to nursing home abuse firsthand, so can really relate to his clients. Michael is an empathetic Cherry Hill, NJ nursing home lawyer who prioritizes his clients first, and believes that any kind of assisted living facility needs to be held to the highest standards to ensure loved ones are cared for when they move there.


Michael has an extensive history of working on nursing home abuse cases, one of which generated the largest nursing home verdict to take place in New Jersey. In this case, Michael was the lead counsel for the plaintiff in Dwyer v. Harborview, and ultimately settled for a good amount. Other notable things in his professional career include serving as a Judge Advocate in the United States Air Force, trying many cases all around the world, and teaching other lawyers around the United States his strategies for having successful outcomes in cases of nursing home abuse. Michael has been published in the New Jersey Law Journal and in “Trial,” the attorney magazine that is published and disseminated nationally by the American Association for Justice.


Whether he is representing you or your loved one in court, Michael makes it his mission to get successful outcomes for his clients. He believes that justice needs to be served for anyone who has endured abuse, whether it was direct or done through negligence in a nursing home. This is why he focuses on it in both his career and in his time off work. Assisted living homes need to be held accountable with the way they treat their residents, and skilled nursing home lawyers are in the frontline of protecting their rights.